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Care coordination that works

Is my loved one’s home unsafe? How can we afford to pay for in-home care and services? How can I access, find, and manage all desired care coordination services?

If you’re the caregiver of a loved one, it’s hard not to think about all the “what-ifs.” There are so many questions you have to ask yourself to ensure your loved one gets the proper care they need. As you tackle arising challenges, it can feel tiring knowing that your loved one’s care is dependent on you.

That’s where EverHome Columbia, Inc. comes in. We’re here to make sure your loved one has all the necessary services available to live their most independent life at home. No longer do you have to worry that mom left the stove on or dad forgot to take his prescribed medication. Learn how we can help directly support you and your loved one.

EverHome Columbia, INC.: THE FUTURE OF CARE coordination

With EverHome Columbia, Inc., you can feel rest assured knowing your loved one is getting the in-home care they need to thrive in older age or with a disability. This is a truly innovative pilot program exclusively for Columbia, NY residents. It features all the services your loved one would need to live as independently as possible at home.

Our Innovative Care Coordination Services

We’re New York State’s first service provider to offer wide-ranging care management and innovative real-time technology solutions. Together, these services give caregivers, like yourself, the ability to create a customizable care plan that you can implement and monitor for your loved one. EverHome Columbia, Inc.’s model is a future way of ensuring your loved one has a successful home living experience, regardless of their age or disability.

Our Trained Life Care Coordinator Staff

Our staff of trained Life Care Coordinators are ready to step in to help support your loved one’s health and independence. Throughout the program, your Life Care Coordinator will conduct in-home assessments to identify and fulfill your loved one’s needs, which includes the use of connected health technology to reduce the responsibility of the caregiver. They’ll also take care of the ongoing care coordination needed to make sure care is maintained and re-evaluated as needed. Together, the Life Care Coordinator helps support you and your loved one to make sure they’re receiving all the services they need at the right time.

Care Coordination Technology at Your Fingertips

EverHome Columbia, Inc. also utilizes a unique app, powered by VivaLynx, which makes this program like no other. In the palm of your hand, we connect families and caregivers to:

  • Real-time health data and alerts
  • Coordinated services and appointments
  • Sensor technology to monitor activity
  • Integrated home security systems
  • Telemedicine through qualified physicians

Learn more about enrollment: Contact us

It’s our goal to make it possible for your loved one to receive the care coordination services they need to stay at home. Through our superior services, our pilot program aims to deliver your mom and/or dad quality care, so they can stay as independent as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can help support you and your loved one.