Q) What is the subsidy?

A discount generously funded by the Home for the Aged for those who may not be able to afford the monthly costs. Currently only for Columbia County Residents.

Q) How does the subsidy work?

It is based upon the NYS EISEP guidelines. We have made the process very easy and painless- call with some basic information (income and monthly bills: including rent/mortgage, homeowners’ insurance, property taxes, heating and electric, property maintenance fees and phone) and we can tell you immediately if qualified. If qualified, applicant would need to show proof of income and expenses.

Q) Is the subsidy for fixed period of time ie: through September 2023?

Yes, although the Home for the Aged is committed to this program and may continue subsidizing and/or we expect future changes with insurers. This is why your participation is so vital.

Q) What would be the cost to clients without subsidy?

$12 per day or $360 per month.

Q) Are costs calculated per person or per household? Fixed or variable for term of pilot?

Each client/couple have different circumstances and would be decided after evaluating.

Q) What happens to enrolled clients at the end of the subsidy?

Your Aging Life Care Coordinator will assist in determining best options although the program expected to continue.

Q) What are the steps / timeline for Medicare / Medicaid approval / payment of services?

We have been meeting with elected officials and advocating for funding. The pilot will be instrumental in providing proof of concept and once outcomes are demonstrated insurance companies will more likely cover the service.


Q) • Are there tiered levels or packages of services?

No tiered levels or packages. Monthly cost depends on eligibility for the discounted/subsidy portion: $0 to $360 per month. There are additional life care coordinator hours that maybe be purchased at a discounted rate as well as additional sensors and monitors if needed.

Q) • Is equipment / software included or additional charges?

All included the only additional cost is one time installation fee of $1000 which is also available to be subsidized or if additional sensors or monitors are purchased. If client decides to cancel after installation there is a fee to remove PHI information from the wellness center tablet.

Q) • What services are included in Basic Package / Enhanced package(s)?

We do not offer an enhanced or tiered package.

  • A dedicated Life Care Coordinator/Advocate: up to 2.5 hours per month (note subsidized clients are 1 hour per month as they often have their own care managers). Care coordination includes a monthly call in, daily monitoring, additional care referrals if needs change and home visits if deemed necessary
  • 17-inch touch screen wellness center monitor and system
  • VivaLynx app and integrated technology
  • Telemedicine/ER Physician
  • Standard equipment provided includes QOLSYS POWER G PANNEL/TOUCH SCREEN & GATEWAY, 1 motion sensor, 1 wellness cam (2-way audio & 1 way video cam), 2 sensors (choice of door sensor, cabinet sensor or medication holder sensor) and choice of mattress pad or chair pad.
Q) Maximum out of pocket for non-subsidized client $5,320?

Yes. Unless adding more sensors or Life Care Coordinator hours.

Q) $1000 fee for setup, what does that include?

Installation of Standard equipment provided includes Power Panel and Touch Screen and Gateway, 1 motion sensor,1wellness cam (2way audio and 1 way video cam), 2 sensors (choice of door sensor, cabinet sensor or medication holder sensor) and choice of mattress pad or chair pad.

Q) Is equipment leased? Purchased? Returned at end of service?

All equipment is client owned except for the 17 in touch screen unit which would need to be returned if client terminates the contract or passes.

Q) Can the VivaLynx app be used on existing tablet or computer?

VivaLynx is a Mobile App and cannot be used on a computer at this time, it can be used on tablets.

Q) Length of time to get an appointment with LLC? To be become operational after LLC / family agree on care plan?

Our response time to referrals is immediate, time frame to implement is pending client returning all required documentation. Average from first call to LCC meeting has been 2 weeks.


Q) Is there a contract between EverHome & client?

Yes, a signed service agreement is required

Q) Is client obligated to pay the full contract if they can no longer live at home or die before end of contract?

If additional LLC services were provided the client will be billed for those services and payment would be expected. Contract is month to month.

Q) Are services invoiced?


Q) Payment options, check, credit card, other?

Check & credit card accepted

Q) Are these services eligible to be paid from an HSA account?

Depends upon Health Saving Account and what they will accept – always check with your insurer for guidance.

Q) Are these services tax deductible?

It is a health expenditure under Tele-health. Check with your accountant as the laws are continuously changing.

Q) Assuming no subsidy, $ required to begin?

Yes, for the services to begin payment is expected.


Q) Internet access / band width / speed required

Yes, internet access is required. The touch screen monitors average about 1-2GB per month with medium levels of video calls and streaming. They run best on 1-2Mbps up/down or better but can run at DSL speed though call quality may deteriorate somewhat.

Q) What happens when the power goes out? Is there a battery backup? Is this an additional purchase / lease?

We provide a method for you to be notified by email or SMS when systems transition to down. You have an hour battery time before the unit powers off


Q) What is the role of the Columbia County Office of Aging?

Our local Office of Aging, The NYS Office of Aging and the NYS Association on Aging have all been very supportive partners in our program. Our mission is the same: to see our seniors live independently in their own homes while remaining healthy and safe.