Caregiver Shortage: How We Can Help

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The number of unpaid caregivers has increased from 43.5 to 53 million in 2020. That’s 10 million more families having to help their loved ones with their daily lives.

We know what an undertaking that can be for families and the individuals who are designated to care for their loved ones.

It seems more and more family caregivers are having difficulty coordinating care. According to The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC), there’s been a 7% increase in difficulty coordinating care from 2015 to 2020.

61% of these family members put into a caregiver role are women or people who have a full-time job.

What Solutions are Available?

With less paid caregiver options available and expensive nursing home prices, you may be wondering, “Is there an effective solution that will take this off my plate while ensuring my loved ones get the care they need?”

There is.

With EverHome Columbia, we’ve come up with an effective solution that helps your loved one age in place. Plus, our care allows families to stay connected with their loved one’s care advisor, so they can rest assured knowing mom or dad is in safe hands.

See why your loved one’s care is our commitment.

Move Beyond the Challenges with a Life Care Coordinator

Here, at EverHome Columbia, we understand the challenges you face in a caregiver role. Sometimes these obstacles can feel endless.

That’s where we come in.

We make sure your loved one gets the quality care they deserve in a home or senior living arrangement setting. We do this to help give your loved ones the ability to maintain their independence and age in place.

EverHome Columbia’s Three-Step Process

Our three-step process is simple. First, we complete a comprehensive in-home assessment with a highly trained and licensed life care coordinator. They use their extensive background to identify personalized care options that consider client goals and outcomes, medical history, and much more.

Next, our life care coordinators implement a series of highly-individual, tailored solutions. They also go ahead and give you the guidance, resources, and technology you need to feel good about the transition.

Finally, you’ll have access to 24/7 technology that allows you to monitor your loved ones from an app. You can track their health and financial data in real-time.

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