Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Elderly woman being helped up

When Should You Talk to a Life Care Coordinator?

When is the right time to talk to a life care coordinator about an aging loved one or yourself? Listen to Life Care Coordinators Susan Vail and Gina Lettieri explain why the best time to plan is now!

When is the Right Time for a Care Facility?

It can be challenging to know whether or not your parents or your loved ones should be in a nursing home or whether they can safely maintain themselves at home. Watch the video below to hear Life Care Coordinators Gina Lettieri and Susan Vail address this commonly asked question.

What Technology Can You Have in Your Home?

When we talk about technology going into somebody’s home, most people put their walls up. They are scared, they don’t know what it’s going to do. They’re afraid that they’re going to feel even more inept because they think that they just can’t do it. We like to go into the home and talk about the technology that we have as a simple way of connecting with others, maintaining a connection with their children, and their children being able to help oversee that their care is being managed and that they’re safe at home.


What is Our In-Home Assessment?

When we complete a home assessment, we come into the home and we sit with our client or potential client, and we talk with them about how they’re doing, and what’s going on medically with them. What type of support do they feel they need in their home? Oftentimes people say they don’t. But after sitting and talking with them, they realize that maybe I do need some help.

What is a Care Plan?

The care plan that a life care coordinator puts together is very comprehensive. We look at discussing and making suggestions on how they can manage their co-morbidities or what their illnesses are. We looked at putting devices in place, so if we notice that an individual is having a hard time walking through their home, they might be holding on to furniture and walls. We would put in the care plan that they should probably have an evaluation by their physician.


What Are Issues Faced by Elderly?

This video discusses some of the main issues faced by the elderly today, mainly the inability to find caregivers. The lack of caregivers is from the paramedics all the way on up to nursing home level care. Individuals wind up sitting in the ambulance for three to 4 hours sometimes, waiting to be able to get into the emergency room for care. And then once they’re in there, they sit for another 12, 16 hours at a time.


How to Pay for In-Home Care?

Paying for in-home care services is very hard and it’s difficult for people to figure out how to pay for it. There are a variety of resources are available. They can pay privately, they can engage with an agency, and there are resources through Medicaid that can be examined. However, the engagement with EverHome and the life care coordinator to guide you through that makes finding those solutions much easier.