Healthcare Advocacy: What it is and Why It’s Beneficial

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Today’s heath care system has never been more complex or difficult to navigate and understand. As a result of this, there has been a rise in the need for extra support for patients during their medical journeys, and from this the need for a healthcare advocate has become increasingly critical. At EverHome Columbia, we understand how hard it can be to feel heard and understood; that’s why our Life Care Coordinators are in your corner as your advocates to ensure that you are getting the care you need.

What is a Healthcare Advocate?

An advocate is someone who, on behalf of another, will recommend, argue for, support, and defend. Advocacy plays a crucial role in the healthcare world, as patients often have difficulties understanding their situation, and navigating through complex issues like understanding treatment plans, voicing their concerns, and working with insurance companies. For aging seniors, having someone who they can comfortably speak and listen to can be a an incredibly positive tool.

A healthcare advocate could be a trusted loved one: a relative, spouse, caregiver, friend, or an experienced Life Care Coordinator. While having a background in healthcare would be extremely beneficial, a good advocate is one who is assertive, calm, organized, comfortable voicing opinions, and is deeply aware of your medical history.

Why is a Healthcare Advocate Beneficial?

A healthcare advocate can help to explain the situation you are in and is able to keep track of all needs or concerns, and voice them to the proper healthcare providers. Not only that, but they are also able to offer an outside perspective, and voice issues that you may not be aware of.

An advocate can help to keep track of your medical history and ensure that everything being communicated to and from providers is accurate and understood by both parties. They can also provide you with guidance and options based on information provided by your healthcare professionals. An advocate can also assist with financial matters, managing medications, working with your insurance carrier, and keeping track of activities that will promote a better quality of life and more.

For aging seniors who may be experiencing memory or mobility loss, or perhaps be suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s, having a trusted advocate is an extremely important facet to ensure the needed care is received. Medical jargon can be convoluted, and oftentimes, a patient may not get the proper explanation, or enough time with their medical provider to have a decent understanding of what is going on.  Having a healthcare advocate can provide comfort and ensure that someone is there to support and speak up for you.

For seniors, it also provides a sense of peace and understanding as they will have someone whose sole purpose is to support their health and wellbeing. While health care advocacy has grown in popularity, many still wait and hold off on receiving extra help, even if it is needed.

At EverHome Columbia, our program was developed to re-imagine the care options aging seniors face, and to instill the idea that the option of safely aging in place is available for all. Our Life Care Coordinators are here to be your healthcare advocates and ensure that you and your loved ones have the information needed to make informed decisions. Qualified seniors can now receive this program for FREE through a generous subsidy provided by the Home for the Aged. Reach out today to learn more about our program and how it works!