Searching for in-home care? EverHome Columbia can help.

smiling nurse helping senior lady walk

Is it time for in-home care? If you or your loved one has had a recent accident or decline in mental or physical abilities, it may be time to look for in-home help. Your loved ones right to age in place can be significantly supported with the addition of appropriate and effective care. But where do you begin? How do you find someone who is qualified and affordable?


After deciding that an in-home care aide is needed, the first step is to think of the specifics you are looking for. Make a detailed list of the daily tasks your loved one needs done or needs help with. Take note of import things you think the aid will need to assist with; does your loved one need to be lifted? Do they need transportation and if so, will there be a vehicle provided?


Next, spend some time thinking about what your loved one truly needs in an aide. Speak with your loved one about this to ensure that they feel included and comfortable with the process. Are you looking for someone to come in and help with light chores such as cleaning, cooking, and providing companionship and observance? Or do you need a registered nurse to provide considerable medical care such as administering drugs or infection monitoring? The difference between the two are important and should be considered when evaluating your loved one’s unique needs. A difference also arises in the payment methods for various types of in-home care.


It’s important to understand that within the healthcare industry there is a significant distinction between home care and home health care. Unfortunately, this means that costs related to care that are deemed non-medical, are typically not covered by insurance. An in-home aide that is not providing medical care, but is providing other care services, will most likely have to be paid out of pocket. A registered or skilled nurse providing medical care can usually be covered under insurance. EverHome Columbia will help guide you through exploring the most appropriate care options and help you understand what payment options are available, including Medicare, Private Insurance, Long Term Care, Medicaid, Veteran’s benefits, and more.


At EverHome Columbia, our pilot program for Columbia County residents starts with a comprehensive in-home assessment that reviews goals, challenges, and worries that you and your loved one have. Next comes the full evaluation of the home, assessment of medical history, investigation of care needs pertaining to physical and cognitive issues, and Medicaid eligibility determination.


After the full review has taken place, one of our expert Life Care Coordinators will create a customized care plan tailored to your loved one’s needs. It is within this plan that you and your loved one will be provided with options and resources to choose the care that is needed. We will provide you with in-home care aide recommendations and will be with you every step of the way. Allow our team the privilege of taking on the role of being your loved one’s advocate, so we can help to relieve stress and provide you with piece of mind.


For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, reach out to one of our trained Life Care Coordinator’s today by phone (518-389-7555) or by email at [email protected]. To read more about our care coordination services, visit our website.