The Benefits of Seniors Staying in Their Home and How They Are Embracing Technology

Elderly man on laptop with family

Aging in today’s world doesn’t just require planning and preparation, it requires courage, resolve, and trust from seniors and caregivers alike. This is never more true than in rural areas where resources are not readily available, and families struggle to access support and navigate the fragmented care delivery system. For seniors there is an inherent fear that asking for assistance will lead to a loss of independence and even their ability to remain in their own home. These fears, however, are more likely to become reality when inaction or procrastination results in a crisis because issues were not addressed ahead of time. Today’s seniors are at a perilous crossroads, and we all need to begin to think differently about how we can meet their changing care needs.

At EverHome Columbia, we provide Columbia County seniors with high quality care management services that uses a team-based approach and a high frequency of encounters to deliver preventive services. Our experienced Aging and Health professionals are your advocates, helping you identify and access needed care and also demonstrating how the potential; use of in-home technology can maximize your independence.

To start, our professional Life Care Coordinators provide an in-home assessment, then assist you in setting up a plan that will enhance your overall quality of life. If determined necessary during the assessment, our coordinator will recommend then train you and your caregiver on how to use our remote patient technology. By monitoring health conditions and detecting safety concerns in the home through strategic sensor placement, these devices provide seniors and loved one with peace of mind.

While many seniors today live alone, it is vital for them to remain active and engaged. With the touch of a button, modern technology opens a video chat so an independent senior can easily speak with family and friends as well as their care providers. Social isolation has been shown to increase anxiety and depression and, in some cases, increase the risk of dementia. This in-home technology, or what we call our Wellness Center, provides the ability to connect not just with people, but with the news of the day and other types of programming such as meditation and exercise programs.

Aside from acting as a conduit for social engagement, the Wellness Center can organize all the critical information regarding your care and daily schedule in one central location. The tablet can provide reminders for medication and MD appointments while storing important documents such as medication list, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney and Contacts in the event of an emergency.

Caregivers, family, and friends are also provided with access to a mobile care app that integrates with the in-home tablet to provide real time information. In the event an issue ever arises, a notification will be sent, and they can connect to you immediately through a video chat.

Join this much-needed revolution of change in elder care so that we can help you stay in the comfort of your own home.