When and How to Start the Conversation of Care Planning

Father and Son sitting on couch together

If you have an aging loved one, the time to start the conversation of care planning is now! Put a plan in place before a crisis happens to ensure that your loved one’s vision for their future is understood. At EverHome Columbia, we understand that the topic of aging can be difficult for some, and others may not even know where to begin! To learn some tips on when and how to start the conversation of care planning read our guide below or reach out to one of our experienced Life Care Coordinators.

When Should you Start the Conversation of Care Planning?

The sooner you can start planning, the better! Start the conversation now to prevent making uninformed decisions during a crisis situation. Having a clear understanding and vision of your loved one’s needs and goals will allow you both to feel comfortable and confident as they age.

How Should you Start the Conversation of Care Planning?

Be sure to start the conversation in a private place where your loved one feels comfortable and relaxed. Start the conversation with empathy and understanding and let your loved one know that putting a plan in place will alleviate stress for the both of you. Listen to them and let them know that they are being heard.

What Does the Conversation of Care Planning Look Like?

Be sure to do some research beforehand and bring resources and information to the conversation. There are many items that need to be discussed and talked through! It’s important for both of you, and other family members as appropriate, to discuss insurance, financial status, home safety, preferred types of caregiving (family caregiver or professional), and more! Remember to take notes, and to continuously talk about the future as things may change along the way!

At EverHome Columbia, our team of Life Care Coordinators can provide you and your loved one with comprehensive caregiving solutions, care planning services, and health care advocacy. Our program allows you the peace of mind to stay connected to your loved one and know that they are safe and independent. Right now, qualified individuals receive the services of a Life Care Coordinator for an hour per month for free. Schedule your free consultation today!